Mex Menu

Mex Menu

“Best Mexican restaurant in town. Excellent, well made Mexican food is not meant to be cheap, and this place is worth every dollar. If your idea of “good” Mexican is giant piles of cheap cheesy slop, it’s far from that.”

David L.

“Great Mexican restaurant with amazing aroma of fresh food as you enter . Incredible steak and chicken fajitas and the frozen lime and mango margaritas are to die for.”

Keren D.




“This was the best Mexican restaurant ever and the owner is so friendly he was super cool food was awesome.”

Crystal L.

“Food was absolutely fabulous!!! The juice was phenomenal!! I look forward to going back!!”

Beth M.‎‏




“Can’t say enough good things about this place – the food is excellent, and the service is efficient. A must stop for anyone visiting Miami!”

Louie C.

“OMGOOOOOSSSHHHHHH. This place is has the BEST Mexican food. Iv’e ever tried. So authentic and its in a really nice relaxing environment. You can’t beat it. Before this restaurant I hated guacamole. But I was so hungry that i tried it. And let me tell you, this place is the only reason I eat till this day. Big props on everything. I WILL FOREVER BE A CUSTOMER TO THIS PLACE. Hope to see you all soon.”

Brianna M. W.



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